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Say Hello to Your Smart Shopping Assistant…The Priceland

India is one of the biggest ecommerce markets in the world with 700 million active users who contrubute whopping amount of 47 billion dollars.

With enormity comes perplexity. Buyers has so many portals and variety to choose from that it becomes dificult and time complex to make a right choice. In this emerging and fast growing ecommerce market, India needs a platform to buyer’s decision by performing detailed analysis of a product like never before.

So here’s your own smart shopping assistant The Priceland

We have built a comprehensive platform fot ebuyers to choose a product by comparing all authentic ecommerce sites. Our creative platform will be acting as a smart assistant in your decision making process! Users will have feature options like setting price alertscomparing different retailers, search for similar products, and much more. Users will never miss the best deals from ecommerce giants like Amazon, paytm mall.

 TPL skim through multiple e-commerce sites to gather data about products and services like prices, descriptions, features, reviews . You can then compare the listings based on price deals, features, shipping costs etc. to find the best deals  

Usefull Features and User Guide

1. Daily Discount Deals.
Real time Best Price drop from markets best top 100 brands across top ecommerce websites. You will never miss the right day of shopping from your wishlist.

2. What India is buying?
The Priceland will cater you top trending products that entire country is currently interested in. Users will have hot list from the country’s current trending lot.

3. Price and Product Comparison
User will have numerous choices of the products types to compare from. The Priceland will guarantee best price of the chosen product over the internet.

4. Latest news and reviews

Our blogger team is keeping an eye over all the latest launches and the trends to guide our users through the best online shopping experince. Recent arcticles will help users to choose what’s right and what is to stay away from.

5. Price History

Our price history feature will guide if it is the right time to buy by showing price stats of the product from it’s launch. User will never fall for fake discount tags from now onwards.

Welcome to the new land of online shopping, welcome to The Priceland 😀

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