New to Investing in the share market? Read these books and beat the market!

New to Investing in share market? Read these books in bear market and make the money in bull Market.

The best investors do nothing 99% of the time. They sit on their hands, sometimes for years, preparing, Reading, thinking and analyzing. Then, when the right opportunity comes along, they strike with conviction. It sounds easy but It’s not! 
The basic ideas of investing are to look at stocks as business, use the market’s fluctuations to your advantage, and seek a margin of safety in your purchase price…Even hundred years from now they will still be the cornerstones of investing.
-Warren Buffett

Everyone doesn’t know the value of investing, how do you get started with it? Indeed, to a person who has just recently stepped into the world of finance, it can all feel quite daunting.

Fortunately, plenty of great books have been written by experts to help interested individuals quickly learn the art of investment. If you want help narrowing down which ones to pick up first and read, below are our recommendations of the best investing books for beginners. The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness  by Morgan housel

Doing well with money isn’t necessarily about what you know. It’s about how you behave. And behavior is hard to teach, even to really smart people.

Money—investing, personal finance, and business decisions—is typically taught as a math-based field, where data and formulas tell us exactly what to do. But in the real world people don’t make financial decisions on a spreadsheet. They make them at the dinner table, or in a meeting room, where personal history, your own unique view of the world, ego, pride, marketing, and odd incentives are scrambled together.

In The Psychology of Money, award-winning author Morgan Housel shares 19 short stories exploring the strange ways people think about money and teaches you how to make better sense of one of life’s most important topics.

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits was very helpful in may case!

Widely respected and admired, Philip Fisher is among the most influential investors of all time. His investment philosophies, introduced almost forty years ago, are not only studied and applied by today’s financiers and investors, but are also regarded by many as gospel. This book is invaluable reading and has been since it was first published in 1958. The updated paperback retains the investment wisdom of the original edition and includes the perspectives of the author’s son Ken Fisher, an investment guru in his own right in an expanded preface and introduction

“I sought out Phil Fisher after reading his Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits…A thorough understanding of the business, obtained by using Phil’s techniques…enables one to make intelligent investment commitments.”
—Warren Buffet

One Up On Wall Street: How To Use What You Already Know To Make Money In The Market by Peter Lynch

In easy-to-follow terminology, Lynch offers directions for sorting out the long shots from the no shots by spending just a few minutes with a company’s financial statements. His advice for producing “tenbaggers” can turn a stock portfolio into a star performer!

the intelligent investor

The classic bestseller by Benjamin Graham, perhaps the greatest investment advisor of the 20th century, The Intelligent Investor has taught and inspired hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Since its original publication in 1949, Benjamin Graham’s book has remained the most respected guide to investing, due to his timeless philosophy of “value investing,” which helps protect investors against the areas of possible substantial error and teaches them to develop long-term strategies with which they will be comfortable down the road.

Over the years, market developments have borne out the wisdom of Benjamin Graham’s basic policies. Here he takes account of both the defensive and the enterprising investor, outlining the principles of stock selection for each, and stressing the advantages of a simple portfolio policy.

With good homework and continuous practice one can be successful investor!

“Buy low, sell high. The trend is your friend!”

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